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Motivator, Inspiring & Visionary Siddha Master

Aquairian Master

Sri Atmanand Ji (Dr. K.S.S. Prakash) is a self realized Siddha Master carrying a great amount of wisdom about ‘The Wisdom’. Highly spiritualistic by nature, yet he speaks the modern language of our Vedic science. At a very young age, he was initiated into this divine Siddha way by a great Himalayan Siddha, who opened the doors of wisdom at their very first meeting. Being a true seeker, he strived to unfold the realms of spiritual reality and embraced the divine wisdom.

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Master Atmananda

Siddha Sanmarga

Motivated with the ever-flowing unconditional love towards mankind, Sri Atmanand Ji has founded Siddha Sanmarga, an organization aimed to serve the human society. At Siddha Sanmarga, Sri Atmanand Ji conducts various programs to initiate people into the same cosmic light and reveal the secrets of this Himalayan way of cosmic healing and meditation, which is simple, easy-to-follow, and yet yields quicker positive results. All methods are unique and designed by Sri Atmanand Ji himself. In his sessions, he talks about the sacred wisdom of ancient India that has been diluted in the modern era with unrealistic myths..

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  • Advance Kundalini & Chakra Meditation with Maha-Prana Vidya.
  • Advaita Shri Vidya Shodshi Sadhana & Surya Shri Vidya Sdhana.
  • Sanmarga Healing & Intensive Sadhana for Karmic Release.
  • Himalayan Advance Healing Sciences & Meditation .
  • Dynamic Cosmic Intelligence Meditation & Healing.
  • Mrit Sanjeevani Vidya, Maha-Mritunjaya Vidya Sadhana & Healing.

Experience Advance Healing & Meditation

Learn the Secrets of Intensive Meditaion & Healing "Himalayan Healing Sciences" .

Sanmarga Sadhana


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Sadhaks say

I Wished to have success and balance in every phase of life. Siddha Sanmarga taught me to not let ur desitiny or karma decide your future but these can be changed if u change ur prarabdha (by changing ur thought pattern) and schematically planning ur life by listening to the wispers of ur soul and not by catering to conditions of ur mind.

Pooja Cheekati

Consultant at ITC Infotech Park

Siddha sanmarga, the perfect righteous path, all of us ought to tread, in order to unleash our innate potential, celebrate it, savor it and live it! Very much recommended!.

Nagashree KC Athreya


Practicing Siddha Sanmarga, has helped me overcome my weaknesses. Am now, smart enough to outsmart the oversmart people. It has improved my personal skills. Any work that I do, I do it in a better way, and at times, absolutely perfect. It has also improved my financial conditions

Kavita Gandhi

Unleash your ability and see where you can reach. Siddhasanmarga teaches 'Live Life to your potential', justify your presence and benefit mankind. Experience the peace and tranquility, Just BE.

Madhusudhan Dara

Property Manager

Siddhasanmarga is nothing but Truth,iam experienced that much goodness from this, my guru is the pathway of my life...i recon all should come and experience what is the real truth...jai guru datta.

Rejith Kumar

Management Consultant

Experience which you get here is THE Best. Get the experience to believe it.

Sandeep Agrawal

Managing Partner

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